Install Cydia Without Jailbreak – iNerd’s Eidition 1.0.3 (August 2013, working, stable)

Download: If you want to usee Cydia and many of its free apps without jailbreaking the …

  1. This works for ipad mini, just checked

  2. The same works for ipad guys!

  3. I guess it’s the same for all ios devices, just try this program for your ipad

  4. plss give the video of ipad cydia pls pls plsss..

  5. hello..jake plss this works on ipadmini 6.1.3?plss answer tnx:)

  6. does it work on ipad mini??

  7. Guys, I can confirm that this works! Even I managed to install Cydia using this so it will be easy peasy for you!

  8. It is untethered: it simply installs Cydia and nothing else is changed. It wont mess up your phone, you would just get an error message when installing and the program would not install but would not affect the phone.

  9. Is it untethered nd would it mess up ur phone

  10. Thanks Dude!!

  11. Wow this is cool I just tried this :)

  12. it should. you can try, nothing wrong will happen anyway

  13. Will it work for ipad

  14. Dose it work for real

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