3.1.3 Jailbreak/Unlock Iphone 2g, 3g & Ipod Touch 1st gen and 2nd gen with Redsnow

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: Before you start please make sure you read this and understand it. Currently Redsnow 0.9.4 can only Jailbreak and Unlock Iphone 2g & 3…
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  1. hahaha i did itttttttttttttttt haleloyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D :D

  2. i cant get it don it is working tell the shape of the hard driver shos on .. and it just stops ??? what shod i do pleas reply ???

  3. thank you so much for this.. i just bought 2nd hand 2g, its my problem now it was solve. tnx..

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  5. tnks u it works

  6. It’s fixable, if you see this and respond I’ll help you out. I’ve had that happen many times to me; it’s simply fixed. Your iPod will be as good as new. Just reply!

  7. put to work as BOOTLOADERS start WINDOWS 8

  8. no I do I get unlock

  9. cant find the folder after i click browse

  10. Stuck on Please wait wait why your device is being processed waiting for reboot for like a hour now !

  11. This was probably the easiest and least problematic method of this thing! I’m no doubt going to subscribe <3

  12. Okay, I did it, and now my Ipod touch 2g wont turn on or anything. Is it ruined for good now?!

  13. I’m using an Ipod Touch 2g, by the way.

  14. Where do you get the bootloader files?

  15. The answer to your question is written in the description, just under the video. All you need to do is put your sim card in and run Redsno0w over your iPhone exactly as shown in the video to bypass that iTunes & USB screen.

  16. I updated mine to 3.1.3 but it got stuck to the itunes and the usb logo plus it says slide for emergency. What should I do? I need the 3.1.3 version

  17. Thank you very much!!!
    Served me much!!
    Works great!!!!

  18. hey i have a iphone 3g whats the newest firmwere for it to jailbreak never been done yet have done it on my iphone 4 can i use a 3gs firmwere for a 3g

  19. thanks but mine didnt ask for the boot loaders

  20. You need to browse 3.0 firmware in Redsn0w even though you are on 3.1.2 on your iPhone.

  21. i have a problem with my iphone 2g i downloaded the firmware 3.1.2 and i browsed it at redsnow but it says unable to recognizze specified ipsw please reply

  22. www.RapidUnlockers.com
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  23. Thanks a lot! But I got stucK on the Cydia loading data. I cant connect also with SSH or Iphonebrowser.

  24. Please put your iPhone in DFU mode and restore it again. Then open redsn0w and browse 3.0 version for your iPhone in Redsn0w and follow the video, You will get it.

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